Wednesday, 21 November 2012

That Maftown heights Update - KT!

Who is KT?

Having been raised in a very musical family, KT's talent was noticeable from an early age given his ability to catch on to songs and rap them fluently at 5 years old. It was this that earned him a regular spot in local talent shows.

During high school, KT came together with a friend who had a studio and began recording songs that created a buzz in and around Mmabatho. So much so that it earned him a feature on Morafe's second album called A e ne: the revelation; and a track called "Ayeye" from JR's debut album, The main event. In the same year, he recorded "Mogote" for DJ Lemonka's Hype Award winning The Motswako Tape vol.1.

Soon after finishing high school he began working on his solo project "After School" and has been living up to his name as Kgosi ya di Punchilne, featuring on DJ Lemonka's second offerring, The Motswako Tape vol.2; his clever metaphors, punch-lines and poise on stage earning him a spot on the HYPE Magazine's Top5 Unsigned emcees list.

What does Maftown Heights mean to you?

I've been attending Maftown Heights since its inception. At first it struck me as bizarre that Maftown Heights was held in JHB but I've come to understand the vision and above everything respect what the brand has done to break bread with/unify/bring together the various hip hop fraternities from across SA. Maftown Heights is undoubtedly the hottest hip hop event of the year.  

What don't people know about KT?

One of the names I go by is profresherKT. Being FRESH is my profession. You might see me with the freshest sneakers, freshest woman & my rhymes "Are more like Debonairs pizza / they free(style) if u don't get em di fisa / & I don't come cheap / that's why I make sure I deliver hot fresh  prepared rhymes & make u pay a fee"

How can people connect with you?

Twitter: @profresherKT



Twitter: @SothoMafia_Ent

Real Biz magazine

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