Thursday, 15 November 2012

Thando Dlamini One on One

1Q. Thando Dlamini please tell us about your relationship with your brother Bonginkosi Dlamini, aka Zola
A. We are one family and I learnt to be better than him, To look beyond his faults to focus on the dream not money. I am sure that I am charged up an younger and I kick his "ASS" not false

2Q. How long have you been in this game (kwaito)
A. I have been in the kwaito game for over ten years now

3Q. You’ve been hustling for a few years now. Has it been a struggle or smooth sailing?
A. It has been a hard journey, with its high peaks and
lowest low, and I would say each challenge shaped me and made me a stronger and a better person who is more determined to reach his goals.

4Q. With that said,who do you look up to?
A. I look up to my mother, she has been through a lot but
yet she managed to single-handedly ensured that we get to have what she never
had and we have been through hard times together and prospered through Christ. I also look up to my fiance' because she gave me a reason to wake up everyday. Thabo Mbeki inspires me to be a better person and know that change comes with an effort.

5Q. So what makes Thando Dlamini tick?
A. I’m over protective when it comes to my family so if
anything would happen to them I would without a doubt tick.

6Q. What other music Genres do you listen to and who are you currently listing to?
A. I listen to RNB and bubble gum music, i am currently listening to Kelly khumalo.

7Q. What's an ordinary day to you?
A. A day with my baby and fiance', working on ensuring that I
influence the youth and perfecting and pushing my music.

8Q. We only have one month and few days left,what have you achieved this year?
A. Well a lot, I am releasing my album, I had a baby girl
with my fiancĂ© and I’ve had a number of platforms to portray my musical talents.

9Q. What are your plans for 2013?
A. To promote Thando Dlamini to be on every South African’s
lips, to ensure that I keep working with the youth and to be the best that I can
be at everything.

10Q. The track 'Straight Talk' what inspired it?
A. Poverty, violence, family distortion, lack of love,care and the destruction of relationships between lovers, friends and families.

11Q. What advice do you have for anyone who's interested in kwaito?
A. That it is a hard genre but you have to love your
country to be able to relate and promote kwaito.

12Q. Three most important things to you?
A. God, my family and Charity.

13Q. Who have you worked with and
who would you like to work with?
A. I have worked with the likes of jaziel brothers, Trezpass, 37mph, Pitch Black Afro etc and would like to work with Chomee, Kelly Khumalo:-| Thandiswa Mazwai and
chicco Thwala

14Q. S.A music industry,good or bad (reason)?
A. Bad. Does not protect and promote artists, it also has a tendency to try to change artists to conform to the society styles.

15Q. M3,AMG or GT (bentley)
A. M3

16Q. Please leave us with some words of wisdom
A. I would like to tell the youth to "never give up, never lose hope and never uyekele usathane adlale ngawe". The older generation to ensure that they inspire us to strive for complete freedom and wealth.

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  1. been through a lot bro,i admire the fact that you got passion for what you doing and you also shaping the future of our young ones.big up's

  2. tHANK U HLONI....I am blessed to neva forget that people like u are the reason why we make it and make bread out of this Talents...Godbless u