Friday, 30 November 2012

Drift from education, let us face reality!

We sometimes do things without even thinking about the consequences, of course its life we do mistakes and learn from them; but some mistakes are done on purpose maybe because we want to test waters but we end up finding ourselves in difficult situation or rather we pretend not care about them. As an individual you got principals or morals excluding those that your parents taught you, but sometimes we set them aside because of circumstances that we find ourselves in. I believe in having a game plan in life, that won't make you regret or even have a guilty conscious at the end of day. A typical example can be being involved in the fight and then blame the alcohol, yet you are actually aware of what you doing and what is going on. What does it is say about you as an individual, your morals and your stands…it also goes to a point of RESPECT, respect starts from self-respect before it can fall to respect on a bigger scale. If you don't have self-respect the ability to respect others is more limited what you say to other people and how you treat them goes back 'how would you like to be treated'. You don't need to know someone in order to respect them but common courtesy and your morality that will set you right. Change your mind set, think before you act, it is better to analysis the situation before you become a victim or hurt someone in the process. We only have one chance to live, but many chances to make mistakes and a room for learning and making the situation different from what it can actually be. Live with no regret, but live with joy and make a difference….

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