Thursday, 15 November 2012

Fashion Quickies for Thick and Curvy Girls

Curvy girls or Thick girls. However you refer to your body type, curvy girls are the most envied girls for their beautiful curves. The curvy figure is one of femininity, womanhood and of absolute beauty- a physique that should be celebrated. As they all say, “Real women have curves”. So let’s celebrate these blessings the right way as we break-down simple rules for thick girls to follow to be Bee-U-TeeFully Stylish this Summer.

1    Shorts, Shorts and more Shorts!!!

Despite the rather offish weather, it is Spring and time for some skin to be shown. If you’re not comfortable with wearing shorts and have “flabby” thighs, then don't despair. Go for shorts that are longer cut and that sit above or below the kneecap, you’ll still make your legs look longer. Girls who are small on top and have wider hips (Pear-shaped) should opt for shorts in soft, floaty materials. This will flatter wider hips and is an instant chic look; just pair with a pretty blouse and you’re Good-to-go!

2.  Patterns, Stripes and everything in between.
Patterns are so in this season, but caution has to be taken when deciding how to wear them and what kind of patterns work for your body type. Avoid horizontal stripped, round shapes and tacky animal printed pants by all means! Stay far away from them. They will make your body seem wider. Trust me, these WILL expand and exaggerate your hips. Rather wear your prints and patterns on top in the form of a nice fitted blazer and keep the rest neutral and monotone or keep your prints monotonic in dress form

3.  (Maxi)mize your look.

The most effortless look creating waves worldwide is the Maxi skirt. The maxi empire disguises heavy-bottom (wide hips) figures by gently flaring wider towards the bottom. Also try high-low maxi skirts. Synch in a maxi skirt with a belt to create a small waist and pair with denim crop jacket. Simple, effortless and super cute! Love!

4.  Let’s get Chic!
For a more chic look, go for the skater skirt. The skater skirt plays on the idea of an A-line skirt, narrow on top and gently flaring wider toward the bottom. Pair this cute skirt with a plain white tee and a skinny belt with flat ballerina pumps. Make sure to keep it above the kneecap to avoid looking frumpy, while creating the illusion of longer legs

5.  Symmetries.

Stay away from shapes and cuts that will make you look stiff and robotic. Dresses and skirts that are most likely to add extra hips to the ones you already have will not be a good idea. Stick to cuts that are flattering, flowing and light for great comfort or rather go for a nice fitted dress that has sharp edges and cuts to it- to accentuate your features.

6.  Elongate yourself.

Wide feet should be counterbalanced by a wide heel. Thin heels draw attention to your wide feet. My suggestion? Every girl should own a beautiful pair of wedges! These add instant glamour to any casual look and obviously, elongate your body so you look taller without any uncomfy hassles. Great buy for this Spring/Summer! A good pair of shoes is the best investment you can ever make.

7.  If you’ve got it, Flaunt it.

Many thick and curvy girls are afraid to wear short, figure-hugging dresses. Don't be! You have got curves for days so why not show them off? It’s okay to wear tight bandage dresses that are well above the knee or figure-hugging pencil dresses for those rather special occasions. Just Remember to keep it simple, elegant and most of all, classy. Pair your dress with a nice, short, fitted blazer to flatter your waist and killer platform heels. Perfect!


8.  Oh Denim!

When it comes to the right denim for thick girls I would recommend you stick to bootlegs, wide legs and bell-bottoms. Because these represent an A-line cut, they will help balance out your body from your curvaceous hips to your feet. It is more than okay to wear skinny jeans- just make sure it is the right fit for you and high-waisted to synch in your waist. If there’s anything you should remember when wearing denim-on-denim, it should be this: Light on top, Dark on the bottom. Simple.

9.  Colour it right!
You’re curvy, not fat! Stop wearing black to look slimmer. Yes, it helps and does work on certain occasions but please, don't rule colour out of your wardrobe completely. It does take confidence to pull-off bright colours and get the colour-blocking trend correct without imitating a Christmas tree. If you’re a bit sceptical about colour, then I suggest you go for light, pale colours. Mint green is trending this summer, pale pinks, nude colours all add sophistication and femininity to your look. There is no need to be afraid of colour- be bright, beautiful and bold

10.Get Blousey.
Blouses can add ultimate femininity to any dull outfit. Go for light, sheer and flowy blouses, especially if you are gifted with bigger bust. Crisp white blouses are a must-have. They can be transformed from day to night. Pair your blouse with high-waisted dark denims/pencil skirt or cute skater skirts. Keep the feminine touch by adding nude platform heels and a classic red lip and my dear, you’re ready to take on the world.

With these simple and effortless tips to looking good this summer, I doubt you’ll go wrong. So, to all my thick girls, embrace your curves the best way possible- Love them. #TeamThick.


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