Thursday, 15 November 2012

Dj Lestic SoulShaker and Terrence Mckay Interview

1Q. How did you guys meet?
A. We actually from the same hood in the Vaal and we've heard a lot about each other, so it happened that we always wanted to record something, then we finally hooked up and recorded "Broken Heart" that's where it all began. Will be putting Vaal on the Map

2Q. What is it that keeps you going as a Duo?
A. The fact that we make great music as a duo.

3Q. Aka or Pro?
A. Terrence- Aka is too much of a beast,his a problem though. So I'll go with Mr Makasan "Pro" (The number 1 Soweto boy)
A. Lestic- "Yebathi uthini ngo Pro" obvious, the number 1 Soweto boy

4Q. Terrence Mckay you are the vocalist behind the track 'Kings of tomorrow' by Dj Switch and you got to work with Hydro,Drew 985 and Kwesta, how was it?
A. Yes, I'm very proud to say I've worked with the big DOGS including Lulo Cafe as well (Check me out on his "Without you" track) It was really great, getting to work with artists who have made it in the industry and got to see the industry as they see it as well. That's great motivation to work even harder *pops collar*

5Q. So Dj Lestic,you opened for Zahara at the Orange Farm Festival,tell us about that
A. That's true, we opened up for Zahara after Black Coffee and Dr malinga *dusts dirt off shoulder* LOL! It was a great experience for me to actually play along side people whom I look up to. We even played along side artists like Zonke, Jaziel brothers, Bucie, Eddie Zondie, Donald etc and at the Vaal annual Beach party as well. Which was also a great experience for me.

6Q. You guys have an album out called 'Mixed Emotions' what inspired the title of the album?
A. Our album "Mixed Emotions" actually has different emotions, motivational, sad, happy, memorable and love songs which any1 can relate to. So thats how we came up with da name "Mixed Emotions"

7Q. How do you balance your music with other obligations?
A. We sacrifice a lot of things to ensure that music remains top priority

8Q. Which famous musicians do you admire and Why?
A. Terrence- Locally I'm gonna have to go with Black Coffee cause of his great music. Internationally its Anthony Hamilton and Chris Brown for the same reason as well
A. Lestic- Swedish House Mafia and Black Coffee. They inspire me, they believe in their craft so much, they keep it going and they just never give up.

9Q. If you guys had the opportunity to change something about the music industry what would it be?
A. The monopoly of power within the industry. Most artists are sounding the same, that's just lack of originality. If every one can stand out and be different the music industry would grow effortlessly

10Q. So what do you guys do for fun?
A. We always out there doing all kinds of bad things LOL. We just hang out with friends and hit the clubs just to let loose.

11Q. So whose the lucky lady?
A. Terrence- aaah c'maaaan you can't be asking such *giggles* but I love my lady, so I'll mention her. Its Precious Mbonambi.
A. Lestic- Lol really now?! Nkuli Tsotetsi is her name

A. Terrence- I would def rob a bank *bbm can't watch*
A. Lestic- haha I would also rob a bank hey LOL

13Q. Favorite food?
A. Terrence- I've been living by myself for the past 4 years, so anything home cooked has become my favourite meal *yuuummmm*
A. Lestic- This is gon' be 'EEEUUUW' to the ladies mara nna ke rata Skopo (Cow head) that thing is delish *rubs tummy*

14Q. 2013 plans?
A. 2013 is gonna be a great year, too many plans... I myself Terrence I would like to release three RNB singles. Just Get our names out there.. Start doing event organizing professionally. We see it as my break through year.. The best is yet to come, just sit down, chill, be comfy, sip that cocktail and watch the space _____

15Q. words of wisdom please
A. Stay humble, focused, always be greatful for what u have achieved in life and anything is possible through GOD. Believe in your dreams, put your heart in everything you do, be original... Patience is virtue!!!

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  1. Oh terrence is my boi.4rm the hood and I got his cd n I must say you will never be dissapointed,cnt wait for his RnB single coz I tnk RnB suits his voice*just saying*

  2. From 1 Artslave to other 2 Artslaves, i say well done!! Proud of you guys and your disciplined workmanship.. xoxo DivaReal