Tuesday, 15 October 2013


                                                              DIAMONDS TOUR

As the countdown began for all South Africans, we knew that the start of all things great was near and indeed it was.

Friday morning started what we all called the ''RIHANNA WEEKEND''. Radio stations played her songs non-stop and believe me, I really wasnt complaining. The only complain I had was not knowing what to wear since the 'THE MOTHER OF STYLE AND TRENDS WAS LANDING SOON'.

Friday passed and Saturday came;still had nothing to wear, my life came to a stand still but more than anything we waited for them to announce that she has landed and there was no sign of that.

SATURDAY midday our 'BADGIRL RIRI' landed and that was a confirmation that the show must go on and it went on indeed.

SUNDAY.....The big day; 'CONCERT TIME'.
67 000 of us patiently waited for her even after she was 30minutes late, we still waited to see what she was wearing. She got on stage wearing a black and gold tracksuit that didnt scream fashion god in my eyes. The baseball jacket from the tracksuit had beautiful gold details on it as well as matching pants but it really was nothing I've never seen before. So the whole outfit went something like this, BLACK AND GOLD TRACKSUIT, PLAIN SLEEVELESS VEST, DETAILED BLACK HALF CAP AND BLACK PUMPS.

Now that didnt scream fashion goddess.... The mother of fashion really didnt grab me with her fashion on stage but she grabbed me when she got off stage carrying the S.A flag on her shoulder.



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