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S.A Fashion Icons

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The South African Fashion Scene is filled with many trend-setters, all of which have their own unique styles. These style icons influence SA fashion in many ways, whether it’s their age, social status or their extra ordinary taste, we can surely conclude that their efforts have not gone unnoticed. Sit back and join us, as we take a look at some of the most valued style icons in the South African fashion scene.

·         Bonang Matheba:
This recently turned 25 year old radio DJ, TV presenter, voice-over artist, MC, bag designer and so much more, is one icon making her mark in the fashion scene. Her style is impeccable. The way she is able to turn heads wherever she goes is one of the reasons she made this list. Typically known as “The Queen of Style”, Your Girl B! Never seems to disappoint. Her impressive eye for fashion is also the reason why she has won countless numbers of Style awards. It is impossible to define her and her style so easily. Out of this world beauty and all-out fashionista, Bonang never stops shinning

·         Noni Gasa:
How can we not mention the ever-so stylish, Miss Noni Gasa. Currently a consultant at FashionFwd Productions and a Lecturer at the London International School of Fashion, this lovely beauty is an inspiration to all aspiring fashionistas out there. She has been the Face of Africa, had a clothing line with Legit called “Noni” and won a number of style awards. It is best to place her on top of the fashion ladder. This fashion goddess always does her best to look good for any occasion. A true fashion icon that inspires even the best of the best, as Bonang Matheba even looks up to her. That is what defines her as a Fashion Icon to be taken note of 
·         Siyabonga Ngwekazi:
Another multi-talented youngster, Scoop’s fashion style is rather different than usual but very creative nonetheless. This radio DJ, TV presenter, MC and Fashion designer has and still is putting his name out there as a fashion head that needs to be on the look-out for. He got his clothing label, Piece by PAP, off the ground in an epic launch. He is taking men’s clothing to a whole new extreme and that is why we feel his style deserves recognition. He is definitely a trend-setter, who is not afraid to try new styles and put himself out there. He is certainly influencing SA fashion, one colourful bowtie at a time.
·         Gert Johan Cotezee:
From farm-boy to fashionista, Gert is one young multi-talented designer that is set on making his name a household one worldwide. He formed Diamond Face Couture with Uyanda Mbuli, but later branched out on his own to start his fashion label, Gert Johan Coetzee (GJC). He has worked with a number of well-known celebrities, the most common and the face of his fashion label is the bubbly Bonang Matheba. A moment to cherish came when Kourtney Kardashion, of the Kardashions, wore a dress designed by him. He also had arranged to have one of his dresses sneaked in to Kylie Monogue’s dressing room whike performing in SA, as a gift from him. He’s designs are simply elegant, well-thought out and a true reflection of his marvellous talent. Gert and his signature hairstyle are taking the fashion world by storm, hopefully everybody’s ready for him.

·         David Tlale:
Since his catwalk debut in 2003, David Tlale’s fashion label has been a household name country wide. He has been voted the most stylish person at the Annual South African Style Awards, voted Mzansi’s Star Fashion Designer at the Mzansi Star Awards, nominated at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Awards amongst many other awards. He has also launched his Green collection for voluptuous woman, something that is not generally done by designers. He has done some outrageous fashion shows, which are regarded as some of the best on the continent. It is without doubt that his brand has developed into one that is on par with international fashion. He has definitely made his mark, but it is never the end for such a magnificently talented fashion designer. He’s got too many acclamations under his belt to not carry on working as he does.


By Boitumelo Lewatle & Banele Ndala,
Bee-U-TeeFul Styles™


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