Thursday, 25 October 2012

Focus on YOUR goal

Focus on YOUR goal- YOUR credential

Most of us know or most probably have heard about life of being a student; it might look hectic to some people and fun to others, but it is all up to an individual how you want to make your student life be. But the main point here is to know your goal, focus on it and the rest that comes with it is experience. When it comes to education, we get to go through different institutions in order to get our credentials, and that is where obstacles come up and we have to overcome them. There are issues which can shift your focus; varsity fever, relationships, peer pressure, workload just to name a few, and we might find it challenging when it comes to dealing with some of those issues. That is why it is really important to get your priorities straight, know what you want and focus on what you there for, which is your degree, diploma or certificate. We also turn to lose courage, that’s why you need to surround yourself with positive minded people, who will motivate you. Get inspiration in all matters that may affect you in life, something that will drive you to work hard towards your success, your dream, your goal. When it comes to goal setting, it is all about you and what you aiming at, so it is all up to you whether you work towards achieving that goal, or give up. Giving up is a choice and failing is a lesson, and I believe no one wants to be a victim of failure or to fill up the statistics of failure. I encourage you to choose the best F, Focus and not the rival F, Failure. You are better than what you think you are; it is all a matter of effort, dedication, courage and hard work.

Words of wisdom

 Our thoughts create our reality>>>where we put our FOCUS is the direction we tend to go.

 Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes on the target.

Dimakatso Katz Sefala

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