Monday, 15 October 2012

Gabadier interview

1 Q. Who are the founders of Gabadier Wear? A. Founders of GabaDier Wear are Njabulo Njakes Citabatwa, and Neo sneozin Tseeke

2 Q. How did Gabadier Wear come about?
A. As hustlers we wanted something to we could push a movement of some sort, a lifestyle. That's when we looked into GabaDier. Gabadier in the streets of soweto is a name that describes the coolest gangster of them all. GabaDier was always known as the coolest of the realest....but our vision for GabaDier was positive so wen we saw a hard worker, an innovator someone who can make a difference in a positive way we saw a true GabaDier. growing up to seeing the lavish lifestyle portrait by the GabaDier crew's was what drove the youth including was in the wrongest of ways a GabaDier hustled, a GabaDier was what we wanted to be but we didn't wanna do the crime, so we took the word gave it a positive meaning branded it and nw we just want to let everyone know about it.

3 Q. How long have you been in the industry? A. GabaDier was founded on January 2010 so we are 2years 8months pushing in the industry.

4 Q. What does Gabadier mean? A. GabaDier is Describing someone uber,someone cool, a person who makes a difference, a leader type of person. The word GabaDier was adapted from the word Brigadier: The commander of a Brigade.

5 Q. What makes Gabadier Wear different from all these other clothing labels? A. GabaDier is not just a label, it is a brand, a lifestyle.

6 Q. Amongst the team, whose the ‘charmer boy ‘? A. Sihle Gedlela Ngwenya, ladies man... Killer!

7 Q. Who’s the peace maker? A. Thokozani Nkosi

8 Q. Do you guys ever find yourselves arguing about what kind of designs to work with? A. We never argue on designs, what we do is we plan, we discuss and we only execute on approval of the team.

9 Q. What’s the one thing people don’t know about the Gabadier gentlemen? A. Well now they know we're 'Gentlemen'.

10 Q. What’s your motto? A. Original

11 Q. Who’s the face of Gabadier? A. We don't have one yet, maybe one will be chosen in the near future.

12 Q. What do you guys do for fun as the Gabadier Family? A. Giving a helping hand is always fun. So we support other local brands and events

13 Q. What can we expect to see from Gabadier Wear in the near future? A. With GOD's grace and hard work, a full range!

14. Q. Do you guys see your label on the shelves in the near future? A. Definitely! If everything goes according to plan. You'll find our merchandise in your leading retail stores.

15 Q. Lastly how does one get a hold of Gabadier Wear? A. Our email address is ;
Our twitter handle is; @GabaDier_Wear
On facebook search for GabaDier Wear

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  1. Sure brothers can we also do hoodies of Gadabier, i'm at Tembisa but wanna push them at North West as well....

    Gabadier..Intja izi hamba phanzi noma nini....aweee