Monday, 28 May 2012

One on One with Kwandile Dladla

                                            One on One with Kwandile Dladla

I recently had a chat with a really cool guy whose killing it with the whole vintage swag . This is what he had to say about himself

Real biz :Who is Kwandile Dladla ?

Kwandile is just a ordinary shy guy who's originally from Diepkloof but now
I reside in Centurion , a guy who's ambitious,loves shopping, hard  
working and driven by success.

Real Biz :What Do You Do For A Living?

Kwandile : I'm studying Business management and also pushing the swenk and fashion movement , that's what I breath and do everyday of my life. I'm the future fashion buyer/ stylist/ trend forecaster . Recently started my BOY MEETS VINTAGE sale business .


Real biz : Who Inspires You?

Kwandile :

When it comes 2 fashion basically the main person who inspires me also and made me love fashion is my father as well as Mboko Ndimba , Brad Goreski and Sam Lambert and locally based is Linda Makhanya and Mbali Gilbert

Real biz : How Would You Describe Your Personal Style And How Has It Evolved Over The Years?

Kwandile : My style has changed a lot over the years because of the experience I have gained and also the people who I have met inspire me .  With my style I mix modern wit old vintage style.

Real biz : Where Do You Enjoy Shopping For Clothes?

Kwandile :

Ben Sherman  
Kwandile Dladla
Let’s go through some of your likes

Favorite Restaurant?
Kwandile :

Tuscan barbaque
Primi Piatti

Favorite hang-Out Spot?

Kwandile :

Primi Shikisha
any shisa nyama                                                     

Favorite Drink?

Kwandile :


Real biz : Essential Wardrobe Items?

Kwandile : Shoes , denim jeans , cologne and lastly clean socks .

Real biz :Best Shopping Advice?

Kwandile : 

Always go for what you are comfortable with and never allow people to discourage you in what you wanna buy or wear.

Real biz : What Is Fashion And Style To You?

Kwandile :

To me fashion is what you given for times a year and style is what you pick out from that , style is also what best describes you as a fashionista and being the owner of your own style.

Real biz : Tell us more about " Boy Meets Vintage" ?

Kwandile :

BOY MEETS VINTAGE is all about me basically its about me being involved in this new trend of vintage clothing and also the vintage sale I've just opened which I sell variety of vintage items and also style you. You can come through to Boy meets vintage at the Grove Market in Braamfontein every Sunday from 10am till 5pm.

Real biz : What are the latest trends for winter 2012 ?

Kwandile :

Thick wool knitted jerseys
colour blocking in distressed color palettes
loose fits (especially pants)
chino pants
round collared shirts (in snow white, light blues, greys and creams)
sock also come out to play more this winter season -  having jeans rolled up a bit to the ankle bone, and wearing bright sock for that color blocking effect)
if you are a bold guy, throw in a turbin and add spunk to your look
Guys also do chunky beaded bracelets, vintage watches
buda over sized beads
vintage leather bag packs
leather caps/graffiti ones in african prints

Fashion is my obsession

And there it is , this young man is doing it for himself don't forget to get him at the Grove Market every Sunday

Contact him
Facebook : Kwandile 'Dieselpunk' Dladla

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