Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Shop Smart and Stay Bee-U-TeeFully Stylish.

Retail therapy is often regarded as the best therapy there is- some may beg to differ, but we all know it’s true. Shopping is not just a hobby but rather a skill that can be mastered. How? Well, we’ll tell you exactly when to shop to catch those major clearance sales; have you looking fabulous and saving a lot of money. We have compiled a few basic tips to smart shopping this year.
Ø Learn to familiarise yourself with the major retail store’s sale dates- this will help you save so much money.
Ø By binding your timing and mastering your smart shopping, you can get up to 60% off the regular price. Every woman’s dream!
Ø Another option of getting items at a better price is to buy the items 6 weeks from the time they were introduced in store. I'm sure the wait will be worthwhile.
Ø December shopping can be postponed to January when prices are guaranteed to be less. And you’ll be avoiding the ever-so hectic December rush. Smart !
Ø With regards to summer clothing, opt to do your shopping in April/May- that is when summer items are being sold less to make way for new winter arrivals.
Ø When deciding on which stores to target in order to accommodate your pocket, go for stores that are generally in your price range. Their sales will always have you leaving their stores with bags of new and totally affordable outfits.
Ø Usually, it would be said to not just buy anything because it’s cheap- well, scratch that idea! Be creative when picking out items that are on sale, even if it’s not something that you would normally go for. You could just start a new trend and have saved a ton in the process.
Ø Keep the latest trends in mind when shopping at clearance sales. Make sure that what you’re taking will work wonders in the next season. Go for classic looks- they’re always the best buy.
Ø Do not be afraid to ask in store for the regular sales, this will help you stay prepared for when they do take place. A great example will be YDE’s seasonal R99 sales.
You can save so much money just by timing your shopping trips and heading to the mall on certain days. Knowing the best times to shop for clothes will keep money in your wallet and help you remain as fabulous as ever. Be smart this year. Be Bee-U-TeeFul!
Bee-U-TeeFul Styles
By Boitumelo Lewatle and Banele Ndala.

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