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Getting to know the "SISTAS"

Five of the top six finalists that are running to be the new presenter on a show called 'SistaS' on Soweto TV.

I'm Nomfundo Tshabalala mostly known as 'Noni' or 'The Loud Black Girl'. I'm an entertainer, future globe trotter, future thespian, God's favourite, the chosen one. I'm an artist of my own creation- I like myself. I'm on that Media hustle. I'M THAT GIRL! Currently, I'm pushing my radio hustle on Rhythm100 Radio every Thurs&Fri between 11am- 2pm alongside Mok, you can stream live via and click on your device icon. In God's grace, I might be joining the Yfm's Y-academy internship *crossing fingers, nails, toes, nipples kao fela kao fela*. I'm also on that tellie grind, been to so many 'Presenter search auditions' got so many call backs and unfortuntely didn't make the cut not cause I'm not good at it but because it wasn't YET my time. Currently I'm part of the Top 6 finalists, running to be the next 'Sistaz' Presenter on Soweto Tv channel 251.
When I got a call from Jacqui 'Sistaz Producer' informing me that I'm still in the running to be the next presenter, the joy in my heart, geez I cannot explain the excitement. I was so excited in a way that I could pee a lil LoL! The presenter search has been one amazing journey from the beginning till the end but of course it came with the nerves and the anxiety. I was just so nervous, I swear I was about to poop a lil *chuckles*. I didn't know that I was gon' make it this far, I'm truly grateful and blessed. Along this fruitful Journey I met fabulous sistaz who are also part of the Top 6- Beatrice, Nqobile, Viwe, Happiness and Phumi. They're Godly. Funny how we even forgot that we competing against each other haha, we just grew and became friends. To me they even more than friends, I consider them as my sisters. The love I have for them is better than their lives. I would LOVE to be the next 'Sistaz' Presenter but if any of my sisters take it, my heart will still be at peace cause honestly, we all deserve the crown. My last encouraging words to everyone: Keep on keeping on. Push until something happens. Fight like a soldier for what you want to persue in life. Make things happen, having to wait for tomorrow, nextweek or next year to start doing things is totally CHILDISH. Make sure everybody in your "BOAT" is rowing and NOT drilling holes when you're not looking. KNOW YOUR CIRCLE, keep it tight. Thou your beginnings may be small, thy latter ends shall greatly increase. God- Prayer and Faith ☺

When asked to write a biography about myself I scratched my head and cracked my fingers because I just didn't know what to say... So I just opted for the beginning.


I am a 19year old crazy, ambitious, young lady named Phumlile Nxumalo and I am a sucker for success. My journey started 14years ago at the age of 6, where I entered almost every beauty pageant there was to enter. I really can't remember all of them by name but Miss Tinkerbelle will never escape my memory box...


In 2001 I began what we call the long walk to SUCCESS. Yes, it was my first official year of schooling. I will never forget that day as it was on my 7th birthday... Yea what a way to celebrate! I was keen on learning and indeed I did learn.
Hartzstraat Primary School laid a solid foundation of what I would call a good building. Being a Headgirl taught me responsibility at a very young age and thus I could carry it into my high school life.

Randfontein High School just solidified what was already there and taught me the importance of hard work and perfecting ones craft. Being 1 of 5 children just makes me even hungrier to succeed today because I want to inspire both my older and younger siblings thus I vowed to myself that I will never give in to second best... Debating in high school enhanced my spirit of fighting and having our team crowned as the winners of Speaker's Voice 2012 just brought great honour. I was selected as one of the ambassadors for Craze 2012 and that just gave me confirmation on what I love; which is entertainment and thee Arts...


It was an awful rainy, cold weather that I woke up to on the day of the auditions at Protea Glen Mall. Something in me just thought it was a sign that I'm not meant to do this but my legs just wanted to carry me despite the dreadful weather. I ended up going and being the first in the line despite my reluctance. Every girl was beautiful and hungry for the opportunity to showcase their talent. I auditioned, made it through and went to the call-backs at the studio, that's when I knew things just got real.
Out of 30 girls I received a call to inform me that I am part of the TOP 6,all I could say at that moment was "THANK YOU GOD" because it felt like my life was toppling over after finishing matric with no sense of direction. Not knowing that the competition would be emotional and bless me with 5 brand new SISTAS that I get to share my passion and love with. Soweto TV enlightened me about my passion and aim in life...
The show SISTAS just confirmed it that I have a purpose in life but I need to be patient and still to discover my purpose.
So yea... That's your girl POOH_BEAR. A lover of life with a hunger to strive!!! Your SISTA...
Born on the 20th of September to A single parent, I grew up in the dusty streets of a place called Snake Park in Soweto. I am the last born out of the five children that my mother has. My stay in Snake park was not for long, all thanks to  my hard working brother (Thulani) , the family moved to Dobsonville in 1996 and we have been staying there ever since.

 I attended my lower primary at Ikhwezi primary school in Mofolo and then attended my higher primary at St.Peter Claver in Pimville, I then moved to St.Mathews in Rockville to complete my matric. I am now doing my final year in Marketing Management at UJ, throughout the years at school I have been an active participant in everything that was around me and it is during those years where I showed my leadership skills, I also learned a lot about patience during those years, I remember wanting to be a Student representative from grade 8 but my attempts were never successful but I NEVER gave up, every year brought with it some hope and I finally became a student representative in matric and to top that I also became the chair person of all the student representatives! This showed that everything has its own timing just because I WANT it now does not mean that I have it now.

I fell in love with the world of television when I was in grade six, I remember my first audition was  for YOTV’S quest for fame and I totally blew it (lol) I remember that I had to say ‘I have never been more ready’ but I said ‘I have never been ready’, but after that I kind of gained knowledge as to what it is that I have to look out for when I am going to these auditions but I have to say that my undergraduate degree has helped a lot in terms of understanding the target audience of whatever audition it is that I am doing. 2012 was the big auditioning year of my life and I have done amazingly well, I went from making it to top 40 for the mtv base vj search and to making top 100 for intersexions and then now top 6 for Soweto tv’s Sistas.

The journey for Soweto TV’s sistas presenter search has been a fulfilling one and nerve racking one, I auditioned in Dobsoville where the judges all said yes to me and then I was told that I had to go to the Studios in Orlando for the next round. I went there stronger than the first time and I was the second one to audition that morning, before I went in I Remember Viwe (on of the finalists) giving me the same look that she gave me at the first audition and after that I knew that it was going to work out. Having to wait for the news was the most stressful part about this competition, I remember always calling Viwe to ask about the latest developments and she would also call me because that it how much faith I had invested in all of this. When the news finally came though I literally started shaking and I could not scream or shout because I wanted to listen attentively for the next details about the following round.
On the day of the following audition, I was there first (as usual) and I was feeling confident and nervous at the same time, I was the first one to be interviewed by the station manager and I feel like I did my best and that’s all that matters.
So right now we wait and market ourselves until the day they announce the new SISTAS presenter. The girls have been great and everyone has brought a different element to the competition, we have the sexy girl, we have the quiet one that will surprise you once she gets in front of the camera, we have the lady, the funny one and the seductive sultry one oooh not forgetting the ‘young one with the untainted outlook in life”. We have actually become friends and have forgotten that we are each others competition in this small amount of time. I believe that I have to be the next sistas presenter because I am currently 21 and sistas target audience is between the ages of 18 and 25 so I feel like I can relate to what a matriculant goes through because I went through the same things not so long ago and having gone through them means that I now know what I did not know then so I could help them out by tackling topics and issues that are relevant to them because I believe that every mistake out there is not there for you to make, you can learn those who have made them or even avoided them, because I am doing my final year I could also relate to what a 23 year old is going through because I also have my fair stress about relationships, being successful, finding the one and about my image so in a nutshell I believe that I am relevant and real and that is what Soweto tv is about ‘real people’
Its been a great opportunity and I am thankful to Soweto TV for this opportunity because it shows that this community based station supports those who support them by giving them chances.. The things that people might not know about me is that I am driven, I don’t want to be some mans project or trophy wife because I have got ambition, I have a passion for soccer and the world of sports but soccer tops them all for me because I feel that there is a gap for young women to fill in the soccer industry because it is dominated by men but we must be careful of not being exploited, I also loooove working out because I believe that I am a brand and first impessions always count and YES I am single not so sure if I want to be looking.

Viwe Gxwala is an ambitious and determined young lady. As a 24 year old Bcom Marketing Honours Graduate, her out-of-the-box perception on life has led her to pursuing her career in entertainment.

Her current reign as Miss Soweto 2nd Princess, has become an important cornerstone for her modelling career. This achievement prompted her dream of becoming a presenter on Soweto tv's show "sistaz". The journey through the auditioning process has led her into growing more into herself & her love of arts and entertainment.

Her warm personality & presence makes her talents impossible to miss

"Sistahood represents the unwritten bond that unite us as women of the world. As female individuals, we each have a unique power but a force is created when we come together. To me, being a Sista is all about sharing stories of pain and joy, teaching lessons and finding solidarity through interrelation.
 As a Sista, I would love to inspire growth in South African youth, ignite new ideas in young minds, encourage people to learn everyday and endure in all tribulations of life. The journey of auditioning to be a Sistas presenter has surprisingly taught me a lot about myself. When one is placed in an environment where one has to compete with like-minded peers, compliments as well as insecurity quickly arise. This is usually due to all the comparisons happening around them. I found myself having to always step up to the moment where the lights and camera where in my face, regardless of my nerves. It made me realise that I really enjoy presenting; engaging with different people and spreading information. At this point,
 I'm confident that I have skill to do the job and the passion to help me persevere. All I need now, is the opportunity."



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