Monday, 17 December 2012

@djultrasa Dj Profile

Dj Ultra became one of the 1st people to join the Soul Candi Institute of Music in February 2009 and Successfully completed  the Dj 101, Dj 102, Music Business and Production 102 Cours. In August 2009 he was then given the Opportunity by Ableton live to host the 1st Ableton live Facebook page in Africa called (Ableton live Jo'burg) helping People get in touch with the latest of the Ableton world, to Learn, use and Understand Ableton live

Dj ultra is a talented Dj that is willing to take a challenge hands on learning more from the experience and having fun in the process. he is incredibly divers before a live audience delivers his deejay ing experience charactering with the Unique Style of mixing, Remixing and Live Performance. Fuses music like house ( Soulful, Deep, Afro-deep, Local Export Quality house music) hip-hop, Dub-Step, Electro and a lot more.


Dj Ultra's style of mixing and a good music school gave him the chance to play with some of the Biggest names in South Africa and international the likes off Black Coffee, Clive Bean, Culoe de Song, Harrison Crump, Franck Roger, Dj Qness, Dj Fresca, Dj Cloude, Mac G, Mo Flava

Captivating party lovers from all over South Africa touring around the Country resonantly had the Opportunity to tour with the Ableton team in Miami FL, Doing a total off 5 shows at the Ultra Music Festival (Miami week) 23,24 and 25 March 2012.


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