Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Yizo Yizo makes it's way back to our tv screens

Yes Yizo Yizo is back as of next week thursday on SABC 1

The popular 13-part local drama series looks at problems faced by pupils in South Africa's education system as a result of a breakdown in the culture of learning and teaching leading to a sense of helplessness among parents, students and teachers.

Issues of drug abuse, gangsterism and rape are tackled. Focusing on Supatsela High School, the story revolves around an autocratic cane-wielding principal who is forced to leave after he assaults a pupil. His successor is weak and corrupt and the situation in the school deteriorates with gangsters and criminal elements filtering

I hope most of your parents allow you to watch this , seeing that back then it was a huge issue due to some of the scenes .

Yizo Yizo airs on the 09th of August at 22h00 .

Papa action is back hehe ........

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