Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bavarian Motorcycles – Giving Back with “Keeping a Girl in School”

The Catholic Women's League, Lynnwood-chapter initiative "Keeping a Girl in School" 2013 biker charity brunch, organised by Bavarian
Motorcycles, raised enough funds and product to sustain 133 girls for a whole year. Thanks to the help of the Nan Hua Temple in Bronkhorstspruit a portion of these products has now been distributed to underprivileged girls in both Tzaneen and Swaziland.
The girls who received the feminine hygiene products collected through the "Keeping a Girl in School" initiative are from charitable organisations recognized by the Nan Hua Temple. A total of 1696 packets of product have been donated to the Keep the Dream 196 Centre in Shiluvane, Tzaneen, while 80 packets were distributed to the girls at Nan Hua Temple and 1072 packets were provided to Gigi's Place Care Centre in Manzini, Swaziland.
Keep the Dream 196 , is a community-based child protection NPO that uses mentoring programs to provide better care and education for orphaned and neglected children. Mrs. Louise Batty, director of Keep the Dream 196, also partners with Oxfam Australia in order to help young people learn life-skills through Keep the Dream 196's scouts program. Mrs. Batty was very grateful for the sanitary product donation that will help benefit the lives of her female students.
Gigi's Place Care Centre ,founded by lawyer Gigi Reid-Miles, is the first urban community care center for orphans and vulnerable children in the Manzini district of Swaziland. The Centre in the KaKhoza informal settlement outside the commercial hub of Manzini provides meals, clothing and shelter to about 100 children every day. Gigi was thrilled with the generous donation of products for her girls, which is always welcome and needed by NPO's such as Gigi's Place.
"We are delighted to play a part in bettering the lives of girls and helping them improve their quality of life, not only as scholars but as young women also," says Sharon Smith, Marketing Manager of Bavarian Motorcycles.
These are just two NPOs which have benefitted from the Catholic Women's League, Lynnwood Chapter and Bavarian Motorcycles "Keeping a Girl in School" initiative; the remainder of the products will also be distributed to worthy organisations in order to better the lives of young women.
Photo 1 Caption: Girls from the Ntwanano Junior Primary School in Shiluvane, Tzaneen, with their donated sanitary products
Photo 2 Caption: The girls from Gigi's Place Care Centre in Manzini, Swaziland, holding their donated sanitary products
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