Wednesday, 8 January 2014

"Fire" voted best club hit for December 2013

Popular club DJs, event promoters, and club owners, as well as urban music fans, were polled and came up with the best club hit for December 2013. Da LES' "Fire" was voted best urban club hit for December 2013, with club DJs saying club goers voted it best hit song by the reaction and ladies singing along.

"Girl you got that fire" sings the song, a definite song for the ladies and they have taken control of the song.

"Fire is a result of me expressing how I am feeling about this summer and all the beautiful women that come out of the woodwork every festive season" shares Da L.E.S.

The song is currently play listed on major radio stations such as Gagasi FM, Metro FM, YFM and more...

L.E.S hits LA, USA to shoot music video

L.E.S will hit Los Angeles USA, to work on a new music video for the current single "Fire". After the great reception with the "heaven" music video, LES promises to deliver another swerve video that will get people talking.
The video is directed by American music video director Matt Alonzo, who has worked with the likes of Lil Wayne, Xzibit, Far East Movement, The Game, and Soulja Boy just to name a few,

The video is expected to air in the first week of February, accompanied by a series of live TV performances.
Real Biz magazine

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