Thursday, 14 November 2013


As we all know the 05th October marked a very special day for Westrand in terms of fashion.

The 1st annual WestrandFashionShow took place as promised by the organises Carol and Refilwe.

The show started out very slow but with a blink of an eye the show picked up momentum. The designers were running around making sure that all is well with the story they about to tell with their creations. Models- Make-up-Go, that was the countdown for the night.

The beautiful Masego Kunupi, owner of Chique Beauty Westrand also ensured great order on the stage as she was the MC for the night.
Entertainment such as dancing and singing lightened up the atmosphere but at some point I felt like it was taking over the designers' time to showcase their talent.

Westrand designers were the important factor of the night and they sure made us understand that. Moropa, Neo, Katlego, Mpho M, Karabo and Mpho T were the six designers that showcased their skills and passion; Suenel as the surprise designer for the night.
These designers were afraid to show that Westrand has the potential to open doors that aren't meant to be opened when it comes to fashion but their drive and love for their craft showed that they are more than hungry to learn.

Denim and African print played its rounds on the stage but it wasn't daring enough. When I saw silk and sheer fabric just to name a few hit the runway I thought to myself "We on our way to fashion victory".

The designers feared to set trends but we give them five stars for knowing what was trending at that moment so we saw denim on denim, pattern on pattern and some pop-art on the runway a numerous amount of times.

Monochromes and neutral colours were missing but with exposure comes experience so I do believe with the next WestrandFashionShow we will be in for a surprise.

Carol and Refilwe took the first step to what Westrand will soon call "THE IT" event.

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