Monday, 5 August 2013

DJ Sabby unites Africa through music

Johannesburg, Monday 5 August 2013 – YFM Radio DJ and SABC 1 Bonisanani television personality, DJ Sabby, has created a new feature on his YFM show that caters to the African continent with the aim of uniting Africans through music. DJ Sabby hosts The Weekend Shake Up on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am till 12pm. His new feature entitled African BoomBoxx will now take place on his show every Sunday at 10:47am.
The African BoomBoxx will be a Top 5 feature playing African music from across the continent. The idea behind this feature is to expose South Africans and the world to music that is coming out of Africa. This feature now paves a gate way for African artists outside of South Africa to get their music exposed to a new audience in South Africa. Songs featured on the African BoomBoxx will get automatic submission to the YFM music committee for play listing, and should the song meet the criteria that the music department seeks, the song has a great chance of being play listed on YFM.
"I love music and I have been following the West African music scene for a while now and I'm always intrigued by how their sound has been able to reach new horizons across the world. My goal with this feature is to expose South Africa to music that is being released across our borders and embrace the Africa we are" expresses DJ Sabby.
Record labels, AR's, and musicians outside of South Africa are encouraged to send their music directly to for a chance to be featured on the African BoomBoxx.
Listeners outside of South Africa can stream live onto YFM on <> or via DSTV audio bouquet via channel 859.
Connect with DJ Sabby:
Facebook: <>
Twitter: @DJ_Sabby
To submit tracks - /078 167 9363
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