Friday, 15 March 2013


Have you ever had that moment when you page through a magazine, newspaper or manual card and you see this this big headline written ‘LOOK FASHION FIERCE?’
I’m guessing we all have.
Headings such as those brought a stir within the fashion department because every fashion critic, fashion editor and fashionista has their own definition as to what fashion really is.

Is it your style, your personality or simply your CLOTHES?
Fashion is an overall term used to describe an artistic way of expressing yourself through what you are wearing, but is there a rule to this form of expression?
We often see how everyone mag, blog and newspapers has the deadlly 101s of fashion but its all different, so what does this mean? There is no consistency in the definition itself…
Now if one had to write this article in the 80s the headline would be something like” BOLD IS BEAUTIFUL” because everything was big, catchyand BOLD and in the 2000s it would be something like”LESS IS MORE” becauseeverythingb eas based on the female figure so, slick cuts, monochromatic colours ;the main principal  that pushed this idea was form follows function.

Now today’s headlines would are “THE POWER OF STYLE”
This focuses on one’s ability to take clothes  of every season and turn heads wherever they go. Its vintage, modern, style, personality and most important its comfortability…
So YES the perfect definition has been discovered…”FASHION IS THE ABILITY TO BE COMFORTABLE IN WHATEVER YOU WEAR” because than you are “FASHION FIERCE!”


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